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VP is now recognized as the world leader in race fuel technology, with a catalog of more than 70 fuel blends and a growing roster of VP-fueled champions across the entire spectrum of motorsports. Our R&D team also developed fuels specifically for sanctioning bodies in Europe, including FIA (Automotive) and FIM (Motorcycle).

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R5 - our best selling racing fuel in Europe

FIA-certified competition fuel specially designed in collaboration with M-Sport for the Fiesta R5. VP R5 offers optimum performance in high-performance rally applications. Fuel complies with the FIA specifications.

Available fuel maps:
  • FORD Fiesta R5
  • ŠKODA Fabia R5
  • HYUNDAI i20 R5

Developed with M-Sport

The Ford Fiesta R5 has become one of M-Sport's most successful projects and a new collaboration with VP Racing Fuels has taken development a step further. Conducting a thorough research and development programme, the two companies have developed VP R5™ – a high-performance 102 Octane FIA-certified competition fuel specially designed for the Fiesta R5.

The partnership was formed during the development of the new Ecoboost-powered Evo engine. M-Sport engineers found marked performance gains against other 102 Octane fuels, concluding that VP R5 was the best fuel on the market for the Fiesta R5.

M-Sport's continued commitment to delivering the best possible product means that all new Fiesta R5 Evos will be mapped and delivered with a first fill of VP R5. The specialty fuel is now readily available for you.

Competition in the N class is extremely strong these years and we have to go with the best available fuel to win. We are very happy that VP finally has a reliable authorized distributor in our region.

Richard Pravda

2017 Slovakia rally vice-champion, N Class
To follow Dean´s team racing recommendation to use VP MS109 in my Yamaha GP1800 was a great decision. Smooth engine run, quick throttle response and awesome accelaration is exactly what I need. MS 109 is a really cool stuff!

Jacek Szubert

Jet Ski Racer

Stano Poživinec


Jaroslav Orsák

Rally pilot

Jacek Szubert

Jet Ski Racer

Richard Pravda

Rally pilot

Sawczen Drag Project


Simone Faggioli

Hill climb

Dan Fletcher

Hot rod racer

Tomáš Pospíšilík

Autokomplex Menčík Škoda Rally Team

Jiří Pergl