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VP RX102 – vpracing

VP RX102

VP RX102

128.34367.93 incl. VAT


RX102 is a very versatile fuel and can be used in any application wanting or needing additional performance while staying within the FIA technical regulations. RX102 offers the reliability, consistency, and power VP is known for.

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Estimated shipping cost


Estimated shipping cost and delivery times by countries (SK, CZ, PL, AT, HU):

VolumeSK (1-2days)CZ (2-3days)PL (3-5days)AT (2-3days)HU (2-3days)
up to 50 kg1 drum35-36 €64-72 €58-77 €61-78 €51-58 €
up to 100 kg2 drums37-38 €67-75€67-90 €69-89€57-66 €
up to 200 kg3-4 drums42-44 €78-93 €90-127 €91-123 €77-93 €
up to 300 kg5-6 drums46-48 €88-108 €99-147 €114-147 €96-118 €
up to 400 kg7-8 drums50-54€106-134 €112-167 €122-175 €102-128 €
up to 500 kg9-10 drums56-59 €110-150 €136-205 €140-207 €120-149 €

1x 56,78L drum = 48,5 kg
1x 18,93L pail = 16,6kg

Prices are only informative, depend on ZIP code and do not include VAT. Detailed and confirmed price will be calculated by sales office. Please send non-committal order and we will contact you back.


5 € shipping to SK, CZ, PL, AT, HU
10 € shipping to other EU countries

We do not ship to non EU countries.